How I Got To The Top Of Google Search Multiple Times with the help of SECockpit

It’s All About Winning This is the big question – How To Get To The Top Of Google? Basically, this how I do it. Yes, I know everyone says the same thing – it’s a jungle out there!Want proof? Search Google for ‘learn piano’ and you’ll see my video advertising “LearnPianoIn30Days” (an affiliate product) in the top half of the page. You’ll find the same thing for ‘beginners piano lessons’ and many other keywords.Search ‘blues guitar’, a keyword with 47 million results and my video appears in the top five – Deep River Blues by Jim Bruce. More? Whew! Enter ‘numerology meanings‘ and see my video near the top of the page (Youtube channel is Pennyhosting). It just so happens… Read More →

SECockpit keyword Research and Analysis Tool Review – Special Discount and Trial Offer

SECockpit keyword Research and Analysis Tool Review SECockpit is the one of a kind cloud based keyword research tool. I gave it try in the summer of 2011 and I must admit that I was very impressed with the accuracy and the velocity of this fascinating keyword research and analysis tool. It’s not that I was impressed, but I am still impressed with this tool, because I am using it since the summer of 2011. I really admired the support, features and the rapid updates provided from the service providers of SECockpit. Take a Tour of SECockpit | 5 Day Trial Offer | 1 Month Special Discount The keyword research is the most important and necessary task for every website… Read More →