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This is the big questionHow To Get To The Top Of Google? Basically, this how I do it. Yes, I know everyone says the same thing – it’s a jungle out there!Want proof? Search Google for ‘learn piano’ and you’ll see my video advertising “LearnPianoIn30Days” (an affiliate product) in the top half of the page. You’ll find the same thing for ‘beginners piano lessons’ and many other keywords.Search ‘blues guitar’, a keyword with 47 million results and my video appears in the top five – Deep River Blues by Jim Bruce.

More? Whew! Enter ‘numerology meanings‘ and see my video near the top of the page (Youtube channel is Pennyhosting).

It just so happens that I prefer making videos to making websites, but the principle is exactly the same. How do I do it? Read on while I reveal all…


Get To the Meat And Potatoes!

If you know the following basic stuff about website SEO, then go down to the video SEO section. It might pay to read all of the following (you never know), but it’s not strictly necessary.

What Makes A Great Website. On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most people understand that links from authority sites are really good for their own websites, and it seems as though the frantic search for backlinks has become more important than building a useful site with masses of interesting rich content.

We could mention several features that make a great website. First of all, it`s got to look pleasing to the eye, so design skills are necessary. It`s no good having fantastic content if your site is downright ugly and hard to look at. Color combinations should be pleasant and the format efficient. Several years in the past, when connection speeds were slower, it was said that a website had about twenty seconds to engage a visitor and keep him on the site. It`s more like five seconds now.

Make It Super Easy For Your Visitors

Your website needs to be easy to move around and the way of navigating the pages should be structured, quick and common sense. It`s not too important, for instance, if the menu bar is placed near the top of the page, or down the sides, as long as it`s clear, functional and easy to use. It`s quite common for websites to have menus that float but nothing beats great layout really, and an efficient user panel.

Frequently thought to be a poor step-child to the amount and quality of backlinks, site content is now becoming crucial for engaging and retaining visitors. Until recently, a web page could be garbage but still rank highly in Google search.
This is not true at all now – Google`s search algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and poor content will simply not do.

Content Always Was, And Always Will Be – KING!

As content used to be of lesser importance, an article was often smaller than 500 words in length, with the rest of the space featuring pictures and anchor text linking to sales offers. Ads were all over the place, and gave a site a cheesy, commercial appearance. Generally, it is now recommended that a home page needs to contain up to 2000 words of unique and relevant content.For most internet marketers not so long ago, content represented a great opportunity to include relevant keywords, in the hope that the search engines might index them and rank the page. The practice was known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and there were pages that consisted of nothing but paragraphs of keywords! Google actively penalizes keyword stuffing when ranking sites.
Of course, keywords are still important – a search engine has to understand what your website is for, but they should be included naturally in the body of the text, and agree with the context of the subject material your site covers. You can research the best available keywords on your niche with the help of SECockpit keyword research tool, and you can use those keywords quickly with few SEO efforts. SECockpit is the best online software for keyword research!

Video SEO

There’s a lot of stuff on the net about how easy it is to rank videos, but it’s generally too simplified, and if the competition is stiff, work still needs to be done with linking. A big benefit is that you get a chance in two search engines – Google and Youtube.If you choose your keywords carefully, then it’s often possible to rank highly with very few backlinks. Due to the low competition, I can often get a video offering a local service to the top three without any linking at all!
My guitar lesson site got hit by Google updates last year and my income dropped some, so I looked for other streams of income, and opted for Clickbank – it’s easy to join and money gets paid straight into your Bank Account, after the first two checks.I searched the Clickbank market place for a quality product paying between 15 and 50 dollars, gives recurring payments and has an existing video on their site that I could use (saves making one!)

The Product – Piano Lessons

I chose a product ‘Learn Piano In 30 days’, found a suitable video on Youtube, and downloaded it using Ant Video – this is a free add-on to Firefox.Before uploading it, I changed the raw video file name to my main keyword, which I researched in SECockpit Keyword Research tool. This is so Google sees the keyword everywhere it looks for this video.

After uploading, I changed the title to the keyword, and also added secondary keywords in the title, the LSI keywords that I got from my research with the help of SECockpit.

I re-wrote some text I copied from the main site and sprinkled the KW throughout, also adding keywords to the tags.

Next, I opened the closed caption file that YT automatically makes and sprinkled the keywords throughout – and that’s it for YouTube set-up.

To give it a bit more ‘oomph’, I open an account with and fed it a few hundred real views a day, and left to simmer. Gradually it crept up the YouTube search rankings.

Google And Youtube Search

I built links using an automatic system, and after a few weeks the video was N°1 in Google search for ‘learn piano’, ‘beginners piano lessons’, and several others.Based on the exact search volumes for the keywords, I thought that I would make more money than I do, but it doesn’t happen that way. Money started to trickle in slowly and I went through YT stats to try and understand what was going on.I found that only around 5% of the video hits came from Google, even though it was N°1 for the main keywords – the rest came from YT search, where it was N°1 for several keywords – I’ve since let it drop now, but it’s still around in the top half of most search terms relating to piano lessons in YT.

I also have guitar lesson videos in the N°1 slots in Google and Youtube, and my stats confirm that these too only get 5% of their hits from Google. The power of video SEO is real, but traffic depends a lot on the offer you are promoting.

In Google search, I think there’s something like ‘video blindness’ going on, or something like that, so don’t rely on it for volume traffic to your website. However, if you have several videos optimized around different keywords and offering the same product, it’s very useful.

I don’t touch this the video at all, and it still makes around $100 a month, so if you had 5 or 10 or a 100? You do the numbers – it gets exciting …

I can rank videos offering local services very quickly, as the competition is usually low, and this is definitely one of the most effective uses for it. Perhaps renting the video position to a local business in a particular area. In this case, low volume quality visits are important.

Final Words

It’s possible to spend thousands of dollars trying software like this – I know, because I have.Some worked a little, some didn’t work at all, and a couple were downright dangerous for my web properties. One thing is for sure – in the volatile world of SEO, the only sure things that will endure are very high quality content and the effect of powerful authority links back to your site.If you are concerned about your budget, or strapped for cash, then this is not for you. Life is stressful enough – you need to be comfortable with spending $147 a month on your promotional campaign.

A staggering 95% of all internet marketers make almost NO MONEY online! An intelligent strategy implemented with patience and persistence wins in the long run – success doesn’t come in a matter of weeks on the internet.

SECockpit Keyword Reserach

SECockpit Keyword Reserach

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