SECockpit keyword Research and Analysis Tool Review

SECockpit is the one of a kind cloud based keyword research tool. I gave it try in the summer of 2011 and I must admit that I was very impressed with the accuracy and the velocity of this fascinating keyword research and analysis tool. It’s not that I was impressed, but I am still impressed with this tool, because I am using it since the summer of 2011. I really admired the support, features and the rapid updates provided from the service providers of SECockpit.

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The keyword research is the most important and necessary task for every website publisher or the internet and affiliate marketer. It is very important that you take it seriously, because it determines the quality and quantity of your website visitors. I remember doing keyword research before using SECockpit and I must say that it was very difficult, time consuming and completely unpredictable as well as false. Those were really difficult days of my internet marketing business when it came to keyword research. I used to spend more than couple of hours to get the best low to medium competitive keywords with the help of Google keyword tool, word tracker and market samurai. It was not only a waste of time, but it was a complete fail as well. If you are doing a same thing, then I recommend you to stop wasting your time and try out the SECockpit keyword research tool. You will be surprised with the results that you will get! The professional research tools like SEOMoz or SECockpit gives the complete keyword report in a very short period of time, with the complete accuracy and analysis. SECockpit will tell you the precise competition of a specific keyword, by providing the complete details of top 10 websites, the backlinks analysis and social signals of those websites! It will give you the easy to rank keywords in a blink of an eye. You can do a detailed keyword research with SECockpit by using the inbuilt Google Suggestions and Wonderwheel options as well.

SECockpit Keyword Analysis

 How to research on SECockpit?

The keyword research with SECockpit is very easy with complete user friendly cloud based software platform. All you will need is an internet connection! You will not have to install anything on your computer. The only requirement is a SECockpit login id and an internet access! Once you enter the Cockpit, you will be able to access all the important video trainings and some bonus contents on SEO and traffic generation!

The following images contain all the important features and steps to get the awesome keywords from SECockpit:

SE Cockpit Keyword Reserach Steps

SECockpit Keyword Reserach Steps

SECockpit Reserach

SECockpit Filter option

Why SECockpit is important?

If you are an internet marketer, affiliate marketer or a website owner, then you must have this important tool for your business. SECockpit will give you the comprehensive analysis of your niche. It will give you the complete report on the best low to medium competitive keywords that you can easily rank for! This tool will give you all the necessary angles through which you can get more and more visitors for your website. You will get to know about what exactly the ‘visitors’ are searching for and what exactly your competitors are doing to get higher rank on Google. SE Cockpit will give you the complete detailed keyword report on your niche. It reveals the hidden secrets of your competitors, who are ranking on top page of Google, and it will show you all the possibility to rank for several amounts of keywords of your niche!  Currently, I am using it for my SEO campaign as well as for my Adwords PPC campaign. It gives the perfect value per click for the adwords campaign.  So, I recommend you to get this tool even if you are solely dependent on Adwords/PPC campaigns. We all know that time is more important than money; SECockpit will save tremendous amount of your time as well as effort at a very less amount of price. The price that they are charging for SECockpit is totally worth it, once you subscribe to SECockpit and do the research by yourself, only then you will realize that you have hit a jackpot. The internet is getting crowded day by day, and it is very important to have some powerful tools on your side in order to get ahead of your competitors! In order to get powerful keywords that will get you more and more visitors and prospects for your website you must have SECockpit keyword research tool! I am totally recommending you to get this tool before you competitors get it. I am having several successful websites with the help of SECockpit research. The funny part is that my entire website has fewer posts or articles, then my competitor’s websites, but I am ranking for all those articles, because I am targeting the right keywords. We all know the power of low competitive keywords, but in today’s date it is very difficult to find out the low competitive keywords without the help of powerful research tools like SECockpit or SEOmoz. According to my experience with SECockpit and other keyword research tools, the SECockpit is the only tool that I have came across which gives the detail report and analysis of all the best available long tail keywords in a very short period of time.

Special Discount and Trial Offer of SECockpit

The special discount and the trial offer of SECockpit are posted below. The trial offer on SECockpit is for 5 days for just $1 transaction fee, and the discount offer on SECockpit is $37 for 1st month. Once the trail offer is over it will charge $97 /month or $397 /6 months according to the selections you made. I recommend going for a monthly discount offer of “$37 for 1st month”, because it is more beneficial from the trial offer. Through the monthly offer you will be able to access the tool for an entire month for just $37. If you want to access SECockpit for long term, then go for discount monthly offer with 6 months subscriptions. The 6 months subscription is more beneficial and reasonable than the monthly subscription.

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If you are a beginner that has some money to invest to get rolling, I think SECockpit allows you to find the key phrases much easier and faster than you’d do it yourself. In other words, it can save your ass by generating the data you paid for.

Let’s start comparing the results you’ll get and the price for it.


I must confess, this tool is the best I’ve found. It really collects all the data needed to get started a new website with no doubt that hitting #1 position in Google isn’t going to be that hard. At least if you did the research correctly. What I mean by “if you did the research correctly”? I bet, if you can type than there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find the keyword that is the best for the niche you’re in. It really is that simple.

What I find very useful, I do not need to care about the operating system and I do not need to another license for the second computer. It’s server-based so there is no problem to access the tool if something happens to your computer.


It isn’t the cheapest tool that you can find. It is going to be monthly based payments which could be a bit costly. The other disadvantage (I think it’s both. Could be the advantage as well) I can find is that it isn’t on your computer. It means, if you don’t have an access to the internet you are done.


Although you may consider this tool being expensive, you must realize that tools like Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder have a blank space between choosing the keywords according to the number of monthly searchers and actually getting deeply into their backlinks, backlink juice and page rank.

SE Cockpit has put everything together and connected these data to make one big picture of the keywords. In my opinion this is really what those one-time-payment keyword softwares miss.

I’ve been using this tool for a couple of weeks now and I don’t see the point not paying for what you’re going to get. However, It’s your choice. I hope it helped you guys to decide wether to get SECockpit or keep the money for something else.

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